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Scan® colony counters

To help you build your printed and online marketing tools, you will find in this section brochures, high resolution photos, videos and Scan® demo software. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any support.

Technical files

Scan® 1200
Automatic colony counter
Scan® 500
Automatic colony counter
Scan® 300
Automatic colony counter
Scan® 100
Manual colony counter


Scan® 300, Scan® 500, Scan®
Automatic colony counters
Scan® 100
manual colony counter


High resolution photos (JPEG, 300 dpi )

Zip - 24.3 Mb
Pack 1:

Presentation of the Scan® colony counter range

Zip - 24.5 Mb
Pack 2:

Presentation of the different media counted by the Scan colony counters


Scan® 100 video

Introducing Scan® 100 manual colony counter

Scan® video

Introducing Scan® automatic colony counter

Scan<sup>®</sup> software: DEMO VERSION

Interscience’s automatic colony counters use an exclusive software developped by interscience, evolutive, user-friendly yet very powerful. No training is needed to use its powerful features; all the functions can be find in one window. There is only one button to count and one setting cursor to optimize counting.

There are numerous advantages in using Scan® counting software:
- Only one clic to count
- Only one setting cursor
- Traceability: automatic saving of data, Excel export
- Color detection

  Download Scan® demo software

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